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  • Mecosta County generally enjoys one of the lowest unemployment rates in the six-county region that encompasses the Michigan Works! West Central service area.  Stable employers such as Sprectrum Health Big Rapids Hospital and Ferris State University, combined with a diversified manufacturing and retail base help to mitigate fluctuations in the regional economy. Assistance in applicant testing and interviewing, on-the-job and incumbent worker training, small business assistance and counseling, and many other services focusing on the business community are available through a variety of partnering organizations.  A trained, skilled workforce and an availability of labor both locally and regionally enable Mecosta County to meet the challenges presented by existing and emerging businesses.  More information about these resources and other opportunities can be found at the various links which follow.

  • Workforce

    Ready to go to work...for you!

    If you are looking for workers and training to go with them, your first stop should be the Michigan Works! Service Center located at 14330 Northland Drive in Big Rapids.

    The business and employment services offered by Michigan Works! can help you post a job or find qualified employees on-line through Pure Michigan Talent Connect. The Service Center can also accept applications and screen applicants on your behalf.

    Michgan Works! West Central Office

    Various workforce development programs are available through the Michigan Works! West Central, which makes them uniquely qualified to help you locate local labor.

    Many activities and services are available at no cost to employer or employee! Costs for these public programs are funded through the Workforce Development Agency.

    Visit their website for more information: Michigan Works! West Central Service Center

    Other Local and Regional Institutions of Higher Learning:

    Overview of Mecosta County Educational Attainment Levels

    Educational Attainment Mecosta County
    Persons 25 years or Older: 26,634
    Percentage with High School Diploma or Higher: 89.7%
    Percentage with Bachelor's Degree or Higher: 21.7%

    Source: American Community Survey 2013-2017

  • Working Here

    Mecosta County is a great place to live and work. Ferris State University, located in Big Rapids, is the largest employer in the county with approximately 1,400 employees and 13,705 students. Mecosta County is also home to several large manufacturing companies, agricultural businesses and numerous retail businesses serving customers beyond the county border. The Spectrum Health Big Rapids Hospital is a 74-bed acute care hospital located in Big Rapids. The hospital serves not only the health care needs of Mecosta County, but those of the surrounding area including west-central Michigan as well. At 425 employees, the MCMC is the county's third largest employer. 

    Finding Employment

    Career Advancement

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  • Major Employers in Mecosta County




    Ferris State University Big Rapids Educational Services 1,400
    Original Footwear Big Rapids Footware Manufacturer 495
    Sprectrum Health Big Rapids Hospital Big Rapids Health Care Services 425
    Wal-Mart Big Rapids Retail Department Store 350
    Big Rapids Components Big Rapids Steel & Wood Office Furniture 355
    Meijer Big Rapids Retail Department Store 350
    Big Rapids Public Schools Big Rapids Educational Services 300
    Chippewa Hills School District Remus Educational Services 310
    Ice Mountain Stanwood Bottled Water 275
    Fluid Routing Solutions Big Rapids Fuel Systems 250
    Big Rapids Products Big Rapids Metal Stamping 200
    County of Mecosta Big Rapids County Government 200
    Mecosta-Osceola ISD Big Rapids Educational Services 200
    MOARC Paris Sheltered Workshop 200
    Morley Stanwood Community Schools Morley Educational Services 180
    Leprino Foods Remus Mozzarella String Cheese 145
    Federal Screw Works Big Rapids Automotive Bolts 130
    City of Big Rapids Big Rapids City Government 125
    Lowe's  Big Rapids Home Improvement 120
    Altercare of Big Rapids Big Rapids Nursing Home 120
    Metron Of Big Rapids Big Rapids Nursing Home 105
    Pioneer Group Big Rapids Printing 105
    Simonds International Big Rapids Wood Cutting Knives/Industrial Blades 80
    Reith-Riley Big Rapids Asphalt Paving 80
    US Marble Remus Cast Synthetic Marble Products 70
    DTE/MichCon Big Rapids Natural Gas/Power Distribution 68
    Paris Sawmill, Inc. Paris Saw and Plane Mills 30
    Doyle Forest Products, Inc. Paris Logging 30
    Trelan Manufacturing Remus Tree Chippers 25
    Big Rapids Box Company Big Rapids Pallets 20
    L.C. Concrete Products Big Rapids Concrete 14
    Hanchett Manufacturing Big Rapids Knife Grinders/Saw Sharpeners 10
    Hamtech Big Rapids Metal Cutting Job Shop 8
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  • Ferris State Technical Center


    Ferris State University-MCCTE

    Educating for Success! Michigan Center for Career and Technical Education

    Ferris State University is nationally recognized for its technological degrees that provide industry with ready graduates. Located in Big Rapids, Ferris State is acclaimed for its industry problem-solving resource center and customized training programs that provide new skills for workers seeking the latest technology.

    The Corporate and Professional Development (CPD) group. part of the College of Technology, provides resources to aid business and industry looking to improve their competitiveness, solve plant production problems, or weigh the viability of new products or production methods. CPD offers custom assessment, technical training, and certification tools for company-specific product, process, and equipment. They can also develop and conduct custom training programs for your employee's upgrade or recertification needs.

    The office of Conference and Professional Services (CPS). part of the College of Professional and Technological Studies, can assist in facilitating conferences, seminars, and professional development programs.

    Ferris State University is also the home of the National Elastomer Center and the Swan Technology Center.